Special Venture – Self titled

Title : Special Venture
Release Date : September 8, 1999
Format : CD



John’s fusion group “Special Venture” lasted for 4 whole years and this album was received with this comment from reknown Danish jazz reviewer Boris Rabinowitsch:
“The fusion of instrumental rock with jazz has never seriously “broken through” on the Danish jazz scene. If it had, one could imagine that guitarist John Sund would have become a folk hero”.
Special Venture was indeed a “fusion group”, but not of the ordinary kind, their music created by John Sund were both powerful and full of atmosphere.

Track Listing:

1. The Entering 2:22
2. New Sign 5:07
3 Sweet Secret 6:45
4. Eleven Sides 11:43
5. Espressivo 3:26
6. Trancewalk 6:32
7. Looking Through 10:10
8. Eventually 8:05
9. Open Mind 6:15
10. Soundscape 3:39
11. Melting Pot 7:07
12. The Outgoing 4:27


John Sund – electric & acoustic guitars
Thomas Fog – bass
Ayi Solomon – drums
Ayi Solomon – percussion

Guest musicians

Ben Besiakov – keyboards
Morten Grønvad – vibraphone

This album is unfortunately discontinued and doesn’t exist as download – so you’ll have to look for in the second hand shops