Hello everybody – new exciting and different release The Man who sleeps under Trees” by Tom Sonntag – which I’m very happy to be a part of – is now out there. The album has an fantastic atmosphere and amazing sound, and somehow catches the essence of nature itself mixed with the stories of life. Check it out!

1. Jandojo  5:07
2. Builder’s Day   4:57
3. Jambimoor  6:32
4. The City & The Crying Forest 10:28
5. From Home – Rudbeckia Fúlgida  3:42
6. Mandoj  4:57
7. Hopefully  6:25
8. Berlin Call  7:33

Line up:

Tom Sonntag – piano, vocals, keyboards & samplings
John Sund – acoustic & electric guitars
Poul Poclage – paper tube, breath sounds
Birte Jona Røskvar Knutzen – shaman drum
Rolf Sonntag – accordion

Linernotes by Tom Sonntag: The music on this album is based on improvisations in my studio “The Blue Room”. It is music reflected on the walk through life, in joy and sorrow, ease and pain, and in hope.

Kongeegen (The King Oak) is a renowned oak tree in Denmark. It grows in Jægerspris Nordskov (Jægerspris North Forest) near Jægerspris, on the island of Sjælland. A scientific investigation in 1965 of the tree’s rings indicated that the tree has an estimated age of 1450-1900 years. I visited the King Oak some time ago. Without knowing it I was observed by a sea eagle resting on one of King Oak branches. The eagle came into my sight when it flew away only a few meters above my head. I felt the ancient time revealing the blindness of my time. I was deeply moved, humble lowering my head towards this ancient living King Oak.

Music & production: Tom Sonntag
Recording, mixing & mastering: sonnMusic/Tom Sonntag
Album design and front cover photo of the King Oak: Michael Dam