Kekeli is the name of the new upcoming album release by MD Sylvester Agbedoglo. As up until this present day one must say that it has been a long journey for many reasons… the corona pandemi is one of them and also the fact that many things was recorded in Togo West Africa, where Sylvester original is from. So well, finally it’s here. I’m playing guitar and bass on the album and have also co-produced it together with Sylvester. What I personally admire about this album is the fact that it is more based on ROOTS music than POP – so much music coming from Africa these days have never even seen a real drum – it is mostly just machine and electronic samples and doesn’t have that real swing to it… Not here – this is all handmade 🙂

The single “Mitsokem” is now released and is available everywhere:
NEW SINGLE Watch the video of Mitsokem
The full album will be released on July 30th, 2022