ACOUSTIC SENSE has thrilled audiences far and wide their atmospheric and colourful music – and the orchestra is appearing just as colourful with its line-up.

Acoustic Sense was originally formed in 2003 by guitarist John Sund. Their debut CD ”New Gems” arrived in 2003. It was well received by the critics and was nominated by Danish World Awards in the “Best CD of the Year” category, 2004.

Acoustic Sense has been working with different guest musicians and on “New Gems” they had a rewarding cooperation with the Serbian accordion virtuoso, Lelo Nika – whereas their second release “Absorption” (2010) solely featured the band as a quartet. However on their third album “Reaching Out” they joined forces with the Danish bulgarian inspired a cappella choir Glas and following the band has now reformed as a quintet.

Band leader/guitarist John Sund has together with longtime members John Ehde – cello and Morten Lundsby – double-bass, joined forces with Mathias Friis-Hansen – vibraphone and Danish/English drummer veteran Janus Templeton, who both has brought new aspects to the band with their extraordinary talents. 

On the musical journey the group provide for its audience, one will experience everything from beautiful nordic tones, to a hypnotic inventive rhythmic drive – from simple soulful melody-lines to dense compositional passages – from meditative atmosphere to energetic power – always with room for improvisation. Here the music unfolds itself so naturally that it leaves genres and categories needlessly redundant.

The members have worked with some of the finest musicians on the Danish and international jazz, crossover and world music scene, including Danish Radio Big Band, Palle Mikkelborg, Thomas Clausen, Bo Stief, Shashank Subramanyam, Kamal Sabri, Eliel Lazo, Vincent Nilsson, Copenhagen Jazz Quartet, Morten Schantz, Den 3. Vej, PACE Percussion Trio, Ekkozone, Pierre Dørge, Jakob Davidsen and many, many more.




World On A String has existed for over 13 years. They have, all this time, nurtured their very own personal music-style and over the years the band has gathered a steady number of enthusiastic followers.

Both of their album releases has received extraordinary praise from the critics and their début release was nominated by Danish Music Awards in the category “Best Crossover Album of the year”. The band explores fearlessly the borders among different styles of world music and makes it their very own style. You will effortlessly be introduced to music, which has its offspring in Indian, Baltic, Irish and Nordic folklore, mixed with jazz, etc. In other words we are here dealing with a kind of music that isn’t pinned down by categories.

World On A String has reached an unusual level of ensemble playing and they are, as a unit, capable of interplay of an almost telepathic rapport and combined with their contagious enthusiasm, their live performances bring on an extraordinary and uplifting experience for the audience.

The four members are recognised and highly appreciated, each for their individual contributions to the Danish music society, with their innumerable collaborations of all sorts.

John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars
Bjarke Falgren – violin & viola
Morten Lundsby – contrabass
Mirwais Fedai – tabla & percussion

“…continuously reflective playing, searching and fearless improvisation, now and then slowly and meditative, but most of the time with a strong rhythmic drive, which always keeps the excitement – and interest – captured”.
Jack Donen – Djembe

“This quartet performs with an open “free flow” and the joy of playing is constantly present. The music on this CD is an adventure for the listener beyond the average”.
Torsten Eckerman – Jazzlife, Sweden

…and these experienced gentlemen creates the musical foundation with their own compositions that breathes like living organic entities – in a way one wouldn’t think possible.
Niels Overgaard – JazzNyt

“…here we are provided with impressive technical skills combined with great musicality…” “Here one can pick up musical impressions and experiences out of the ordinary and it is marvellous. Pay attention to these four guys, ladies and gentlemen! “
Nils Thorlund – Roots Zone




Guitarist John Sund and percussionist Ayi Solomon has been working together for more than 20 years.

This extraordinary and exiting duo is nothing less than an intense musical experience. Performed on guitar and various percussion instruments we get the musicians up front in a rewarding, adventurous and sensual musical experience. The music is composed as a joined effort and one of the trademarks of this duo is its ability to create “instant music” – improvised on the spot – Africa meets Europe / roots music and modern improvisation join hands, one could say.
Be prepared to enter on a musical journey free of any borders! 
Check the duo live here on youtube!