John Sund & Acoustic Sense

Title : New Gems
Release Date : December 9, 2003
Format : CD



“New Gems” was John’s first all acoustic album and it marked a new direction involving a blend of world music and jazz. The exiting mix of 12-string guitar, cello, udu (a percussion instrument made of clay) was a new and different sound. Acoustic Sense has intrigued many audiences with its picturesque atmosphere, paired with strong rhythms. Our guest on this album, the Serbian accordionist Lelo Nika, delivers a strong contribution.

“This formation that John Sund has come up with in Acoustic Sense: Europe (guitars, accordion, cello, bass) Cuba (bass) and Ghana (percussion) is just as rich on facets as the music itself.”
Ulrike Kress –

Track listing:

1.  Along The Way (8:23) 2. Right On It (3:05) 3. Lelo’s Song (8:27) 4. Silent Stream (3:34) 5. Mutual Vibes (4:35) 6. Memory Song (6:47) 7. Pulse Chant (3:00) 8. Natures Wheel (2:49) 9. Reminiscence (1:18)
10. Verve Part Three (10:34) 11. Farewell Song (1:50)


John Sund – 6 & 12 string guitars
John Ehde – cello
Lelo Nika – accordion
Yadam Gonzalez – double bass
Thommy Anderson – double bass
Ayi Solomon – percussion