John Sund & The Danish Radio Big Band

Title : John Sund & The Danish Radio Big Band
Format : Digital Download




This was a co-operation between The Danish Radio Big Band and John Sund, and it was also to become his first release as a solo artist. John wrote and arranged all the music in this huge work and he’s also featured as a soloist on the entire album.
This album was originally released on Olufsen Records and has now been reissued and remastered on Gateway Music and is only available as a download format.

“His guitar is grand in scope and orchestral in texture. The most intriguing movement on the record comes during “Consensus” which makes use of phasing clarinets and muted brass over a reggae-derived rhythm pattern. This is definitely the winner in the batch of Olufsen’s.”
US magazine Cadence, SEP 95

Recorded at The Danish Radio 1993 / released on Audio CD 1995 / remastered for iTunes 2013

Track listing:

1. Silver Haze (5:50) 2. Mountain Trust (8:48) 3. Interlude (4:24) 4. Fanfare (1:16) 5. Right On/Off (6:00) 6. Consensus (4:57) 7. Orchestral Sounds (2:13) 8. Love Hymn (5:10)


Trumpets:  Benny Rosenfeld, Palle Bolvig, Lars Togeby, Henrik Bolberg, Perry Knudsen
Trombones and tuba:  Vincent Nilsson, Steen Hansen, Kjeld Ipsen, Giordano Belincampi, Axel Windfeld
Saxophones, clarinets and flutes:   Jan zum Vohrde, Micahel Hove, Uffe Markussen, Thomas Franck, Flemming Madsen
Guitar:   John Sund
Keyboards:   Nicolaj Bentzon
Bass:  Thomas Ovesen
Percussion:   Ethan Weisgard
Drums:   Søren Frost