Special Venture

Title : Twice
Catalog ref. : Gateway Music
Format : CD



This is Special Venture’s second album release and the music was recorded at the Danish Radio 1999-2000. The first four titles was recorded live in DR’s studio 4 and the remaining seven titles, was a studio-recording for a radio broadcast in year 2000. John Sund eventually cleared the rights with DR and the album, which is a dear latecomer, was released on Gateway Music in 2007.

“…the compositions contains such a rich variety of passages and breaks, that one is constantly taken by surprise. This is simply spirited fusion-music.”
Torben Holleufer/GAFFA

Track Listing:

1. This View (Sund) 4:54
2. Swivel (Sund) 7:30
3. Twice (Sund) 7:18
4. Africando (Gonzalez) 6:17
5. Trancewalk Part II (Sund) 7:43
6. Nubian Village (Sund) 4:07
7. Life Suite (Sund) 12:11
8. You’ll Never Know (Sund) 5:34
9. Brewing (Special Venture) 8:17
10. Mokkajee (Sund) 8:27
11. Northern Piece (Sund) 5:36


John Sund – electric & acoustic guitars
Jon Meinild – electric vibraphone & electronic devices
Yadam Gonzalez – bass
Ayi Solomon – percussion & vocal
Morten Ilsøe – drums