1. Mean Attack  11:42
2. Definitely Greek (He Said) 10:48
3. Remembering Johannesburg  9:23
4. Dark Side of Alec  14:27

Line up:

Robin C Taylor – Textural guitar, various keys and basses, perc., voice etc.
John Sund – various guitars, (leads, moods and stunts) add. bass (track 3)
Jakob Mygind – soprano, alto & tenor sax
Thomas TV Ulstrup – minimoog stunts
Rasmus Grosell – drums (mainly left side) and
Klaus Thrane – drums (mainly right side)

Featuring the Taylorettes: Louise Nipper and Jytte Lindberg; vocalizing with thanks to Pierre Hansson – add. voice (track 2)



Composed/rearranged and produced by Robin C Taylor
Add. production credits goes to John Sund (when ’emergency help’ was needed!)
Mastered by True Mastering
Marvel of Beauty Records –  MOBCD 027 will also be available as MOBLP 027 (vinyl). Recorded 2016-17.

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